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Chains are usually metal links or rings, which are mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction. A chain used to obstruct a passage of traffic (as in a street, at the entrance of a river or harbor), a chain used mechanically.


About chain

The modern chain transmission device forms a compact whole of the connection parts of a machine, which is the key component to improve the mechanical performance.

Transmission chain appeared as early as the second century in China. At that time, the rollover car created by Bi LAN in the Eastern Han Dynasty had successfully used the principle of sprocket transmission. This kind of square plate leaf chain waterwheel can be regarded as the original chain transmission device. In the Northern Song Dynasty in the 10th century, Zhang sixun was inspired by the principle of gear chain on the keel waterwheel, and used this important invention in his astronomical clock.

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Factory Price Leaf Chains

Factory Price Leaf Chains BL For Conveyor Equipment.ApplicableIndustries:Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Fa

LH2846 Industrial Leaf Chain

LH2846 (BL1446) Industrial Leaf Chain.Applicable Industries:Manufacturing Plant, Construction works.Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

Forklift Leaf Chain

Forklift Leaf Chain BL634 LH1234.Applicable Industries:Fork Lift
Standard or Nonstandard:Standard
Type:Leaf Chain


Chain lubrication

Chains (silent chain, roller chain or single ring chain) should be lubricated wherever they are used. The transmission chain requires that the lubricating oil has good oil property and permeability, can be firmly adsorbed on the internal and external surfaces of the chain, and can penetrate into each friction link of the chain link, so that it will not be thrown off or squeezed out of the friction surface by the centrifugal force of the chain. Generally, No. 30 machine oil can be used for low-speed chain. Low speed chains for heavy equipment can also be used with open gear oil or grease.


July 23, 2018

Roller chain has been standardized

Roller chain has been standardized. China’s chain standard GB 1.243.1-83 divides it into a series and B series. A series is commonly used, and its main parameters are shown in the table below. The chain number in the table is consistent with the corresponding international chain number, and its pitch value is the number of chain multiplied by 25.4/16mm. The basic parameters of roller chain are pitch P, roller outer diameter D1 and so on. Pitch P is the main parameter of roller chain. The larger the pitch, the larger the size of each part of the chain, and the greater the power that can be transferred.

August 10, 2018

Components of chain

The parts of the chain are made of carbon steel or alloy steel and heat treated to improve the strength, wear resistance and impact resistance. Roller chain can be made into single row chain and multi row chain. When transmitting high power, double row chain or multi row chain can be used. The bearing capacity of multi row chain is directly proportional to the number of rows. However, due to the influence of accuracy, the load of side-by-side chain is not easy to be uniform, so the number of rows should not be too much.

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