AISI 1010 Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tube

AISI 1010 Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tube

Carbon seamless metal pipe

CZPT: GB3087, minimal and medium stress boiler with seamless steel tubes and pipes, employing GB / T8162 seamless steel tube for high pressure boiler, framework with seamless steel tube GB/T8163 — conveying fluid with seamless steel tube ASME SA106, seamless carbon metal pipe for High-Temperature Support ASTM A106, seamless carbon steel pipe for High-Temperature service mainly in the production of metal pipe grades: 10, 20, 20g, SA106B, sa106c cast and A106B, A106C

CZPT Quality Tensile Strength(MPa) Yield Toughness(MPa) Elongation(%) Effect power(J)
GB3087 ten 335~475 ≥195 ≥24  
twenty 410~550 ≥245 ≥20  
GB5310 20G 410~550 ≥245 ≥24 ≥35
GB/T8162 10 335 185~205 24  
20 390 225~245 twenty  
35 510 285~305 17  
forty five 590 315~335 14  
Q345 490 305~325 21  
GB/T8163 ten 335~475 195~205 24  
twenty 410~550 235~245 20  
Q295 430~610 285~295 22  
Q345 490~665 315~325 21  
ASME SA106 SA106B ≥415 ≥240 ≥22 ≥35
SA106C ≥485 ≥275 ≥20 ≥35
ASTM A106 A106 Gr.A ≥330 ≥205 35 Longitudinal  
25 Transverse
A106 Gr.B ≥415 ≥240 30 Longitudinal  
16.5 Transverse
A106 Gr.C ≥485 ≥275 30 Longitudinal  
16.5 Transverse

Mechanical Home:


Grade Chemical Composition(%)
C Si Mn P S
GB3087 ten .07~.13 .17~.37 .38~.65 ≤0.030 ≤0.030
twenty .seventeen~.23 .seventeen~.37 .38~.sixty five ≤0.030 ≤0.030
GB5310 20G .seventeen~.24 .seventeen~.37 .35~.65 ≤0.030 ≤0.030
ASME SA106 SA106B .17~.twenty five ≥0.1 .70~1.00 ≤0.030 ≤0.030
ASTM A106 A106 Gr.A ≤0.twenty five ≤0.10 .27~.93 ≤0.035 ≤0.035
A106 Gr.B ≤0.thirty ≤0.ten .29~one.06 ≤0.035 ≤0.035
A106 Gr.C ≤0.35 ≤0.10 .29~1.06 ≤0.035 ≤0.035
CZPT Grade Chemical Composition(%)
Cr Mo Cu Ni V
GB3087 ten .3~.sixty five / ≤0.25 ≤0.thirty /
20 .3~.65 / ≤0.25 ≤0.thirty /
GB5310 20G ≤0.twenty five ≤0.15 ≤0.twenty ≤0.25 ≤0.08
ASME SA106 SA106B ≤0.035        
ASTM A106 A106 Gr.A ≤0.40 ≤0.15 ≤0.forty ≤0.forty ≤0.08
A106 Gr.B ≤0.forty ≤0.fifteen ≤0.40 ≤0.forty ≤0.08
A106 Gr.C ≤0.40 ≤0.fifteen ≤0.40 ≤0.forty ≤0.08


Chemical Composition:

Chilly rolled precision seamless steel pipe
In buy to acquire smaller sized measurement and far better top quality of seamless tube, cold rolling, chilly drawing strategy must be used or merged. Chilly rolling is generally in two roller mill, steel tube in variable cross segment round groove and immobility of the tapered plug is composed of an annular groove rolling. Chilly drawing was typically in the .five ~ 100T one chain or double chain drawbench.
Top quality carbon structural steel cold dial seamless, with 10, twenty, 35, forty five metal producing, in addition to guarantee the chemical composition and mechanical properties to do stress examination, curling, enlargement port, squash and other exams.
System weight: chilly drawn seamless metal tube (diameter – thickness) * wall thickness of *.57166=kg/ meters (excess weight per meter)

In accordance to GB/ T3639-2009 (chilly drawn or chilly rolled precision seamless steel tube) commonly utilised standard dimensions desk:

OD*WT(mm) OD*WT(mm) OD*WT(mm) OD*WT(mm) OD*WT(mm) OD*WT(mm) OD*WT(mm) OD*WT(mm) OD*WT(mm)
Φ4×0.five Φ16×0.5 Φ26×1.eight Φ35×9. Φ48×5. Φ70×2.eight Φ90×10 Φ130×14 Φ190×14
Φ4×0.eight Φ16×0.8 Φ26×2. Φ35×10 Φ48×5.5 Φ70×3. Φ90×12 Φ130×16 Φ190×16
Φ4×1. Φ16×1. Φ26×2.two Φ38×0.five Φ48×6. Φ70×3.five Φ90×14 Φ130×18 Φ190×18
Φ4×1.2 Φ16×1.2 Φ26×2.five Φ38×0.eight Φ48×7. Φ70×4. Φ90×16 Φ140×2.five Φ190×20
Φ5×0.five Φ16×1.5 Φ26×2.eight Φ38×1. Φ48×8. Φ70×4.five Φ95×2. Φ140×2.eight Φ190×22
Φ5×0.8 Φ16×1.8 Φ26×3. Φ38×1.2 Φ48×9. Φ70×5. Φ95×2.two Φ140×3. Φ200×3.five
Φ5×1. Φ16×2. Φ26×3.five Φ38×1.5 Φ48×10 Φ70×5.five Φ95×2.5 Φ140×3.5 Φ200×4.
Φ5×1.2 Φ16×2.2 Φ26×4. Φ38×1.8 Φ50×1. Φ70×6. Φ95×2.8 Φ140×4. Φ200×4.5
Φ6×0.5 Φ16×2.five Φ26×4.5 Φ38×2. Φ50×1.2 Φ70×7. Φ95×3. Φ140×4.5 Φ200×5.
Φ6×0.eight Φ16×2.8 Φ26×5. Φ38×2.2 Φ50×1.five Φ70×8. Φ95×3.5 Φ140×5. Φ200×5.five
Φ6×1. Φ16×3. Φ26×5.five Φ38×2.five Φ50×1.eight Φ70×9. Φ95×4. Φ140×5.five Φ200×6.
Φ6×1.2 Φ16×3.five Φ26×6. Φ38×2.eight Φ50×2. Φ70×10 Φ95×4.five Φ140×6. Φ200×7.
Φ6×1.5 Φ16×4. Φ26×7. Φ38×3. Φ50×2.two Φ70×12 Φ95×5. Φ140×7. Φ200×8.
Φ6×1.eight Φ16×4.5 Φ26×8. Φ38×3.five Φ50×2.5 Φ70×14 Φ95×5.5 Φ140×8. Φ200×9.
Φ6×2. Φ16×5. Φ28×0.five Φ38×4. Φ50×2.8 Φ75×1. Φ95×6. Φ140×9. Φ200×10
Φ7×0.5 Φ16×5.five Φ28×0.8 Φ38×4.five Φ50×3. Φ75×1.2 Φ95×7. Φ140×10 Φ200×12
Φ7×0.eight Φ16×6. Φ28×1. Φ38×5. Φ50×3.5 Φ75×1.5 Φ95×8. Φ140×12 Φ200×14
Φ7×1. Φ18×0.five Φ28×1.2 Φ38×5.5 Φ50×4. Φ75×1.eight Φ95×9. Φ140×14 Φ200×16
Φ7×1.two Φ18×0.eight Φ28×1.5 Φ38×6. Φ50×4.5 Φ75×2. Φ95×10 Φ140×16 Φ200×18
Φ7×1.five Φ18×1. Φ28×1.8 Φ38×7. Φ50×5. Φ75×2.two Φ95×12 Φ140×18 Φ200×20
Φ7×1.eight Φ18×1.2 Φ28×2. Φ38×8. Φ50×5.five Φ75×2.five Φ95×14 Φ150×3. Φ200×22
Φ7×2. Φ18×1.five Φ28×2.2 Φ38×9. Φ50×6. Φ75×2.eight Φ95×16 Φ150×3.five  
Φ8×0.five Φ18×1.eight Φ28×2.5 Φ38×10 Φ50×7. Φ75×3. Φ95×18 Φ150×4.  
Φ8×0.eight Φ18×2. Φ28×2.eight Φ40×0.five Φ50×8. Φ75×3.five Φ100×2. Φ150×4.five  
Φ8×1. Φ18×2.two Φ28×3. Φ40×0.eight Φ50×9. Φ75×4. Φ100×2.two Φ150×5.  
Φ8×1.2 Φ18×2.five Φ28×3.5 Φ40×1. Φ50×10 Φ75×4.5 Φ100×2.five Φ150×5.5  
Φ8×1.5 Φ18×2.8 Φ28×4. Φ40×1.2 Φ55×1. Φ75×5. Φ100×2.eight Φ150×6.  
Φ8×1.8 Φ18×3. Φ28×4.five Φ40×1.five Φ55×1.two Φ75×5.5 Φ100×3. Φ150×7.  
Φ8×2. Φ18×3.5 Φ28×5. Φ40×1.eight Φ55×1.five Φ75×6. Φ100×3.five Φ150×8.  
Φ8×2.two Φ18×4. Φ28×5.5 Φ40×2. Φ55×1.eight Φ75×7. Φ100×4. Φ150×9.  
Φ8×2.five Φ18×4.5 Φ28×6. Φ40×2.2 Φ55×2. Φ75×8. Φ100×4.five Φ150×10  
Φ9×0.five Φ18×5. Φ28×7. Φ40×2.five Φ55×2.two Φ75×9. Φ100×5. Φ150×12  
Φ9×0.eight Φ18×5.five Φ28×8. Φ40×2.8 Φ55×2.5 Φ75×10 Φ100×5.five Φ150×14  
Φ9×1. Φ18×6. Φ30×0.five Φ40×3. Φ55×2.8 Φ75×12 Φ100×6. Φ150×16  
Φ9×1.two Φ20×0.5 Φ30×0.eight Φ40×3.five Φ55×3. Φ75×14 Φ100×7. Φ150×18  
Φ9×1.five Φ20×0.eight Φ30×1. Φ40×4. Φ55×3.five Φ75×16 Φ100×8. Φ150×20  
Φ9×1.eight Φ20×1. Φ30×1.two Φ40×4.five Φ55×4. Φ80×1. Φ100×9. Φ160×3.  
Φ9×2. Φ20×1.two Φ30×1.5 Φ40×5. Φ55×4.five Φ80×1.two Φ100×10 Φ160×3.five  
Φ9×2.two Φ20×1.five Φ30×1.eight Φ40×5.5 Φ55×5. Φ80×1.five Φ100×12 Φ160×4.  
Φ9×2.5 Φ20×1.8 Φ30×2. Φ40×6. Φ55×5.five Φ80×1.eight Φ100×14 Φ160×4.5  
Φ9×2.8 Φ20×2. Φ30×2.2 Φ40×7. Φ55×6. Φ80×2. Φ100×16 Φ160×5.  
Φ10×0.5 Φ20×2.2 Φ30×2.5 Φ40×8. Φ55×7. Φ80×2.2 Φ100×18 Φ160×5.5  
Φ10×0.eight Φ20×2.five Φ30×2.8 Φ40×9. Φ55×8. Φ80×2.5 Φ110×2. Φ160×6.  
Φ10×1. Φ20×2.eight Φ30×3. Φ40×10 Φ55×9. Φ80×2.8 Φ110×2.two Φ160×7.  
Φ10×1.2 Φ20×3. Φ30×3.five Φ42×1. Φ55×10 Φ80×3. Φ110×2.5 Φ160×8.  
Φ10×1.5 Φ20×3.5 Φ30×4. Φ42×1.2 Φ55×12 Φ80×3.5 Φ110×2.8 Φ160×9.  
Φ10×1.8 Φ20×4. Φ30×4.5 Φ42×1.5 Φ60×1. Φ80×4. Φ110×3. Φ160×10  
Φ10×2. Φ20×4.five Φ30×5. Φ42×1.8 Φ60×1.2 Φ80×4.five Φ110×3.5 Φ160×12  
Φ10×2.two Φ20×5. Φ30×5.five Φ42×2. Φ60×1.5 Φ80×5. Φ110×4. Φ160×14  
Φ10×2.five Φ20×5.5 Φ30×6. Φ42×2.2 Φ60×1.8 Φ80×5.five Φ110×4.5 Φ160×16  
Φ10×2.8 Φ20×6. Φ30×7. Φ42×2.five Φ60×2. Φ80×6. Φ110×5. Φ160×18  
Φ10×3. Φ20×7. Φ30×8. Φ42×2.8 Φ60×2.two Φ80×7. Φ110×5.five Φ160×20  
Φ12×0.5 Φ22×0.5 Φ30×9. Φ42×3. Φ60×2.5 Φ80×8. Φ110×6. Φ170×3.  
Φ12×0.eight Φ22×0.8 Φ30×10 Φ42×3.five Φ60×2.eight Φ80×9. Φ110×7. Φ170×3.5  
Φ12×1. Φ22×1. Φ32×0.5 Φ42×4. Φ60×3. Φ80×10 Φ110×8. Φ170×4.  
Φ12×1.2 Φ22×1.2 Φ32×0.eight Φ42×4.five Φ60×3.five Φ80×12 Φ110×9. Φ170×4.five  
Φ12×1.5 Φ22×1.five Φ32×1. Φ42×5. Φ60×4. Φ80×14 Φ110×10 Φ170×5.  
Φ12×1.8 Φ22×1.eight Φ32×1.two Φ42×5.5 Φ60×4.5 Φ80×16 Φ110×12 Φ170×5.5  
Φ12×2. Φ22×2. Φ32×1.5 Φ42×6. Φ60×5. Φ85×1.five Φ110×14 Φ170×6.  
Φ12×2.two Φ22×2.2 Φ32×1.8 Φ42×7. Φ60×5.five Φ85×1.eight Φ110×16 Φ170×7.  
Φ12×2.five Φ22×2.5 Φ32×2. Φ42×8. Φ60×6. Φ85×2. Φ110×18 Φ170×8.  
Φ12×2.8 Φ22×2.8 Φ32×2.2 Φ42×9. Φ60×7. Φ85×2.two Φ120×2. Φ170×9.  
Φ12×3. Φ22×3. Φ32×2.five Φ42×10 Φ60×8. Φ85×2.five Φ120×2.2 Φ170×10  
Φ12×3.five Φ22×3.five Φ32×2.eight Φ45×1. Φ60×9. Φ85×2.eight Φ120×2.five Φ170×12  
Φ12×4. Φ22×4. Φ32×3. Φ45×1.2 Φ60×10 Φ85×3. Φ120×2.8 Φ170×14  
Φ14×0.5 Φ22×4.five Φ32×3.5 Φ45×1.five Φ60×12 Φ85×3.five Φ120×3. Φ170×16  
Φ14×0.8 Φ22×5. Φ32×4. Φ45×1.8 Φ65×1. Φ85×4. Φ120×3.five Φ170×18  
Φ14×1. Φ22×5.5 Φ32×4.5 Φ45×2. Φ65×1.2 Φ85×4.5 Φ120×4. Φ170×20  
Φ14×1.two Φ22×6. Φ32×5. Φ45×2.2 Φ65×1.5 Φ85×5. Φ120×4.5 Φ180×3.five  
Φ14×1.five Φ22×7. Φ32×5.5 Φ45×2.five Φ65×1.8 Φ85×5.five Φ120×5. Φ180×4.  
Φ14×1.eight Φ25×0.five Φ32×6. Φ45×2.8 Φ65×2. Φ85×6. Φ120×5.5 Φ180×4.5  
Φ14×2. Φ25×0.eight Φ32×7. Φ45×3. Φ65×2.2 Φ85×7. Φ120×6. Φ180×5.  
Φ14×2.two Φ25×1. Φ32×8. Φ45×3.5 Φ65×2.5 Φ85×8. Φ120×7. Φ180×5.five  
Φ14×2.five Φ25×1.two Φ32×9. Φ45×4. Φ65×2.8 Φ85×9. Φ120×8. Φ180×6.  
Φ14×2.8 Φ25×1.5 Φ32×10 Φ45×4.5 Φ65×3. Φ85×10 Φ120×9. Φ180×7.  
Φ14×3. Φ25×1.eight Φ35×0.five Φ45×5. Φ65×3.5 Φ85×12 Φ120×10 Φ180×8.  
Φ14×3.5 Φ25×2. Φ35×0.eight Φ45×5.5 Φ65×4. Φ85×14 Φ120×12 Φ180×9.  
Φ14×4. Φ25×2.2 Φ35×1. Φ45×6. Φ65×4.5 Φ85×16 Φ120×14 Φ180×10  
Φ14×4.five Φ25×2.five Φ35×1.2 Φ45×7. Φ65×5. Φ90×1.5 Φ120×16 Φ180×12  
Φ15×0.5 Φ25×2.eight Φ35×1.five Φ45×8. Φ65×5.5 Φ90×1.8 Φ120×18 Φ180×14  
Φ15×0.8 Φ25×3. Φ35×1.eight Φ45×9. Φ65×6. Φ90×2. Φ130×2.five Φ180×16  
Φ15×1. Φ25×3.5 Φ35×2. Φ45×10 Φ65×7. Φ90×2.two Φ130×2.8 Φ180×18  
Φ15×1.2 Φ25×4. Φ35×2.two Φ48×1. Φ65×8. Φ90×2.5 Φ130×3. Φ180×20  
Φ15×1.five Φ25×4.five Φ35×2.5 Φ48×1.2 Φ65×9. Φ90×2.eight Φ130×3.5 Φ190×3.5  
Φ15×1.8 Φ25×5. Φ35×2.eight Φ48×1.five Φ65×10 Φ90×3. Φ130×4. Φ190×4.  
Φ15×2. Φ25×5.5 Φ35×3. Φ48×1.eight Φ65×12 Φ90×3.5 Φ130×4.5 Φ190×4.5  
Φ15×2.two Φ25×6. Φ35×3.five Φ48×2. Φ65×14 Φ90×4. Φ130×5. Φ190×5.  
Φ15×2.five Φ25×7. Φ35×4. Φ48×2.2 Φ70×1. Φ90×4.five Φ130×5.five Φ190×5.5  
Φ15×2.eight Φ25×8. Φ35×4.five Φ48×2.5 Φ70×1.two Φ90×5. Φ130×6. Φ190×6.  
Φ15×3. Φ26×0.five Φ35×5. Φ48×2.eight Φ70×1.five Φ90×5.5 Φ130×7. Φ190×7.  
Φ15×3.5 Φ26×0.eight Φ35×5.five Φ48×3. Φ70×1.eight Φ90×6. Φ130×8. Φ190×8.  
Φ15×4. Φ26×1. Φ34×6. Φ48×3.5 Φ70×2. Φ90×7. Φ130×9. Φ190×9.  
Φ15×4.5 Φ26×1.two Φ35×7. Φ48×4. Φ70×2.2 Φ90×8. Φ130×10 Φ190×10  
Φ15×5. Φ26×1.5 Φ35×8. Φ48×4.5 Φ70×2.five Φ90×9. Φ130×12 Φ190×12  

AISI 1010 Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Tube


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